Alexey Zimarev

Alexey Zimarev

Practical Event-Sourcing

@Zimareff · Norway



Alexey is a software architect and developer with present focus on domain models, domain-driven design (DDD), SOA and microservices, coaching and mentoring. Alexey is also a contributor to MassTransit open-source messaging framework for .NET and the organiser of the DDD Norway meetup.


Simplicity versus Simplification

We often hear that DDD is hard. People are trying and failing, complaining over increased complexity, which gets out of control. This case study will present how discovered domain complexity increases customer satisfaction and accidental technical complexity helped refactoring towards deeper insight.


Practical Event-Sourcing with C# and EventStore

Event-sourcing remains a hot topic in the industry, it enables a lot of possibilities to build reactive microservices that scale and collect a lot of useful data, which also servers as a full audit log. However, many warn about technical complexity and challenges on this road. This introduction will demonstrate how proper event stream database combined with pattern matching can make this journey doable.

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