Allard Buijze

Allard Buijze

Event-Driven Microservices

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Allard has been applying Domain Driven Design for almost 10 years and CQRS for about 7. Being a hands-on person, he couldn't help but notice that most developers lack the technical guidance needed to turn their models into working code. As a result, Allard 'accidentally' created Axon Framework, a Java based framework that helps developers build applications based on the CQRS architectural style, while strictly separating the technical from the functional concerns.

Event-Driven Microservices with Axon Framework

Two day workshop with Allard Buijze

In this 2-day hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to build applications with Axon framework and scale them out when the need arises.

During the first day, we will build a "structured monolith" consisting of components with well-defined boundaries. In some of these components, we will apply CQRS and Event Sourcing. In others we take a more traditional approach. During the second day, we will scale the application out, by deploying some components separately. We will look at Event Design, ensuring compatibility across deployments and versions. We will also cover monitoring and message tracing and lastly, build new components that base their state on the historical events that our application has captured.

Allard Buijze at Domain–Driven Design Europe 2017

Over the course of two days, we will cover:

  • Designing aggregates, including complex aggregate structure
  • Building Sagas
  • CQRS and Event Sourcing
  • Event Handlers and (Eventual) Consistency
  • Scaling out - distributed components
  • Designing Events for distributed environments
  • Monitoring and message tracing
  • Replaying Events


  • This training assumes a basic level of experience in applying Domain-Driven Design.
  • You are an experienced Java developer.
  • Developers are expected to bring their own laptop with the IDE of their choice.

Allard Buijze at Domain–Driven Design Europe 2017

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