André Kampert

André Kampert

Software Craftsmanship, Embodied Making

@andrekampert · The Netherlands
Head of Development at Product-Foundry



Specialist in developing software systems for high-volume and high-variety. Proficient at multiple programming languages, André has come to believe beautiful systems emerge through engineering excellence, playfulness, and openness to insights that challenge established conventions. He is Product-Foundry's head of development for the Business Elements family of products, an application platform that is a database, collaboration environment, and knowledge platform.

Ontology and Ethnography: The Two Magic Doors to Domain Modeling

By Jenny Quillien, Indranil Bhattacharya & André Kampert

Information Technology is a new discipline and Domain Modeling is a new-born babe: where should we look for our natural roots? The presentation suggests two sources of inspiration. First, we look to ontology for the principles of organizing knowledge. Ontology is a discipline with 2000 years of experience on how to best model a domain and pose questions such as: What is it that makes a domain a domain? Are there universal characteristics true for all domains?

Second, we look to ethnography. Domain models are shaped by choices. Do these choices emerge purely through dialogue between technical and domain experts? Whose perspectives get incorporated into a domain and whose don't? Are some structures so universal they don't require consensus? Should models be strongly-typed so as to serve narrow constraints or weakly-typed to serve a broad spectrum of situations?

A trio of presenters will share their experience of a decade as ontology professionals. Indranil Bhattacharya will speak of several experiences: how to unify product knowledge in a large telco, what makes Human Resources different in different countries, and what makes logistics different around the globe. André Kampert will speak to bridging domain knowledge to code, and Jenny Quillien to the organization of this difficult discipline for adaptation in businesses which often don't know what they know and don't know and what knowing might be worth. A two-day pre- conference workshop is also offered as hands-on practice.

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