Debasish Ghosh

Debasish Ghosh

Functional and Algebraic Domain Modeling

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Programmer, father, husband, avid reader, author, occasional speaker at technology conferences and Seinfeld fanboy. Senior member of ACM and loves spending time with his beautiful family. Passionate about technology and open source, loves functional programming, and has been trying to learn math and machine learning. Authored 2 books published by Manning Publications - Functional and Reactive Domain Modeling (Oct 2016) and DSLs in Action (Oct 2010)

Functional and Algebraic Domain Modeling

"Domain modeling is usually implemented using OO design.In this talk we will take a different approach using Scala:

  1. Start with focus on verbs first
  2. Think how we can model domain behaviors using pure functions grouped within extensible modules
  3. Use an algebraic approach towards evolution of modules, the algebra being composed of functions, types & laws
  4. See how the domain algebra can be constructed from categorical structures like monoids, functors & monads

Discuss how the functional patterns lead to compositionality - an extremely important quality that scales your domain model."

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