Ellen Lippe

Ellen Lippe

From Legacy Chaos to the Promised Land of DDD

@EllenLippe · Norway
Lead Developer at Statoil



Ellen has 15 years of experience as a developer/lead at Statoil, a major energy company in Norway. She has been a driving force behind several architectural remakes in various projects. Now co-founder of and lead developer in Headshed, a startup company creating software for the telemarketing industry. Ellen is passionate about the software design process, both the architectural part, but even more so the people part. She has a crush on Domain Driven Design and Behavour Driven Development, for which she advocates, mentors and trains others.

From Legacy Chaos to the Promised Land of DDD

By Anita Kvamme & Ellen Lippe

For the last 2 years we have been working on gradually modernizing a large and complex business critical application in Statoil. This 20 year old giant was mainly written in a 4GL (CA Gen), and we wanted to utilize the power of DDD and BDD when rewriting it piece by piece. Now, 2 years later, we find it very fascinating to look back at where we came from and where we are now. Of course, much of our code base is in a very different shape and is much easier to understand, work with and change. Additionally, the entire team culture has transformed. We now have a completely new way of looking at how software is designed and built as well as how we work together. Our team consisted of about 10 people with a great variation in knowledge, preferences and personality. Doing this transformation with them has been a great experience consisting of lots of blood, sweat and tears, but most importantly lots of fun. In this presentation we’d like to share with you the story of what we learned and the key takeaways, both the happy parts and the tougher parts, both the technical aspects and the learnings around how to achieve a well functional DDD team.

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