Emilien Pecoul

Emilien Pecoul

CQRS and Event Sourcing Koans

@ouarzy · France



Passionate developer and continuous learner, my first job was in a startup. After a big technical fail, I have learnt a lot through user groups, conferences, books and blogs, to understand and apply the good practices of modern software development. I saw how these practices, when apply well and in the good context, can totally change a product, then a team, then a whole company. Since, I help teams to improve around TDD, BDD and DDD as a freelance consultant in different companies of different size. In the meantime, I use some side projects to keep improve my craft, especially with, CQRS/ES and functional programming.


CQRS and Event Sourcing Koans

Try basics of EventSourcing and CQRS by yourself with proposed koans, which will guide you through different concepts step by step. This session will help you understand it is not so hard, and have support from us to help you make the “mind shift” (required if you are used to traditional architectures)

For this session, you will need to bring your laptop with your favorite development environment ready (including ability to run unit tests and GIT 2.5 at least). We propose these koans in PHP 5+, Java 8, C# 6, JavaScript (NodeJS).

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