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Marco Heimeshoff


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Marco Heimeshoff has an unhealthy relationship with Domain Driven Design, and won't leave any stone unturned once you lend him an ear and sticky notes.

He believes that lifelong learning, focus on language and empathy are the three pillars of quality development. Frustration about the same old methods of working together and developing solutions lead him to Domain Driven Design, agile software development, functional programming and CQRS with event sourcing. With ten years of experience in these topics he helps teams to change and learn in all things from code to culture.

Event Storming for the working developer

By Marco Heimeshoff

Why spend an eternity on analyses and planning, when you could discover a complex domain model within a few hours. How do you create a vivid picture of your business processes, without being stuck in endless meetings? How do you tackle all that complexity and how do you even begin with modelling?

Event Storming combines agile modelling practices and the (not all that) new event driven approach in a way, that enables collaborative exploration of the problem domain. As a result you quickly get a clear model, created and shared by everyone involved. This way you get early feedback on friction and misunderstandings.

You will play and explore, how to explore complex models with joy and ease, and how to test and implement them via BDD with CQRS/ES later on. A little love for colorful post-its is the only prerequisite. "

Modellathon: Senk you vor träwelling

By Marco Heimeshoff

The german railway system is pretty simple at first glance, but digging a little deeper into the domain unravels a world of complexity and seemingly unnecessary complicated solutions, so no wonder those trains are always late, right?

We are domain driven designers, can we find a better model? Whatever technique you prefer, event storming, DDD whirlpool, user story mapping or anything else, we will split into groups and explore all the options. This will be a session where you can practice and sharpen your modelling tools.

Let's make the trains always be on time.

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