Michiel Overeem

Michiel Overeem

Event Sourcing after launch

@michielovereem · the Netherlands
Lead Software Architect at AFAS



Michiel writes code (mostly C#) at AFAS, where he is part of the team that is responsible for the future ERP cloud platform. His business card says "talk is cheap, show me the code", but he also writes research papers as a PhD candidate in the Amuse Project.

Event Sourcing after launch: how to evolve your event store along with your application

By Michiel Overeem

Event sourcing can be a solution for certain problems in your application, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. One of those is the evolution of your event schema. How should you handle changes to events?

We found many approaches while doing our research (we’ve published earlier results in our paper “The Dark Side of Event Sourcing”) and we gained a lot of experienced from building a full-size ERP application using CQRS and event sourcing. In this talk we will show what kind of approaches we’ve found and what we use to deal with our specific challenges. We will also share early research results from our interviews with over 20 different companies using event sourcing.

Every request for advice can be answered with ‘it depends’, and this talk will not solve that. But we will tell you what your options are, what we think works, and what many others have done.

Extracting Bounded Contexts from a Meta Model

By Michiel Overeem, Guit-Jan Ridderbos, and Gerrit-Jan Lubbertsen

DDD focusses on the modelling of your domain. This is much the same for Model-Driven Development. This approach, however, also tries to automate the production of software from the model.

Is a combination of the two approaches possible? How would that look, what are the possibilities, and what are the downsides?

In this hands-on we invite you to explore this together with us.

As a concrete example we propose the new ERP system that AFAS is developing. In this system a domain model of the processes within an organization is developed. From a model instance we can generate a fully working ERP system.

How can DDD be applied to improve the development process and the resulting software system?

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