Oana Juncu

Oana Juncu

People Systems Design

@ojuncu · France
Agile Business DJ at cOemerge



Oana likes to present herself as an Agile Business DJ, mixing whatever practices - from Agile and Lean(Startup) to storytelling , User Experience and system thinking and neuroscience- may help teams and organisations unfold creativity, become proud of their achievements, and delight their customers.

People Systems Design

By Oana Juncu

We design services, we design software, we design businesses. We design systems. We design. System theory points out system changers are part of the system they change: when we push the system it pushes back. This workshop offers participants a 120 min experience to create new organisational design based on the through Theory U framework :

  • Download Current Patterns - what are our beliefs, what needs do they adress?
  • Change and Listen from a different perspective - what are other organisations tell about us?
  • Connect the reasons and purpose - what is the source that nourish our system?
  • Envision
  • Prototype the change - use living systems model to create "organisational homeostasis" ( like a system biomimicry)

We build teams and design everything. Mainly, we design ourselves.

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