Thomas Coopman

Thomas Coopman

Domain-Driven Refactoring

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Thomas Coopman has been fascinated with computers since he was a kid. Playing around at first, became programming later and after learning some programming for himself and a small detour starting studies for nursing, he went on and studied Master of Informatics at the KULeuven.

Thomas is a polyglot and loves to learn new languages. His latest language studies have taken him to Elixir, Elm, Bucklescript and he has a special affinity for functional programming languages.

Thomas is an independent software engineer and consultant focused on the full stack: frontend, backend and mostly people, practices and processes. Thomas is also currently active in the DDD Belgium and Software Craftsmanship Belgium community.

One of Thomas overal goals is to help to raise the software industry to a greater level, although he does not know yet how to do this. At the moment he is mostly trying to raise his own level by learning all the time from all his peers, and hopefully by learning and sharing he can gain some deeper insights in how to improve.

Hands-on: Domain-Driven Refactoring

By Thomas Coopman

Refactoring, Improving the Design of Existing Code from Martin Fowler has a huge list of possible refactoring methods, but what methods make sense in DDD? What if we change the title to "Improving the Domain Driven Design of Existing code"? In this hands-on you try to improve the design of some program by applying refactoring methods that make sense from a DDD perspective.

This is a hands-on session where you will be coding. Don’t forget to bring your laptop or be prepared to pair with someone else!

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